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Crazy, Stupid, Love” hits theaters next friday, June 29, so the first reviews are coming in. In general the reviews are positive with a 83% ‘Fresh’ rating at Rotten Tomatoes so far. Read some excerpts from the first reviews/below.

CBS News
Carell plays the conflicted husband aptly – with a mix of emotion and slight contempt, but also as a man who still loves the woman he calls his “soul mate.” Gosling and Stone turn in strong performances and Robbie and his crush Jennifer help form the perfect arch, creating three generations of mixed-up couples, all trying to figure out what love’s got to do with it.
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The Hollywood Reporter
Carell, who has the market cornered for playing schnooks — his best movie performance remains Dan in Real Life, however — finds something new here by suggesting that there can be worse things than being a schnook. Gosling keeps it real yet amusingly satirizes his screen lothario character.
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Box Office Magazine
Carell has never been better—here, he proves he is perhaps the top film comedian of the moment. Moore brings her usual warmth and believability. But youngsters Gosling and Stone threaten to steal the show from underneath these vets with Gosling’s hilarious ultimately sympathetic Lothario and Stone’s wonderfully real and beguiling screen presence. For discerning adult audiences looking for a flick that with a sophisticated spark, title aside, Crazy Stupid Love is anything but dumb.
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Elle Magazine
Crazy, Stupid, Love. is a romantic comedy like no other, one that revolves around the premise that if we’re lucky, love has a lot of laugh lines, but it’s not only going to hurt, it can maim and kill. Unlike the convention-bound genre it’s part of, the movie keeps you off-balance much of the time, because the filmmakers aren’t just going for laughs; they’re probing the nature of love and its ­vicissitudes.
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Movie Central
Crazy, Stupid, Love. is, for once, a very satisfying romantic comedy, even if it doesn’t try to tell a story as if we never seen anything like it. But hell, please give us more of this instead of crap like Just Go With It, Something Borrowed, The Dilemma, and even the upcoming What’s Your Number (watch the trailer, or just read the synopsis, you know how it ends). Studios, we don’t need corny-ass romantic comedies just so we can feel lightheaded and tingly right after seeing them. Then again, they keep making money…
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