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First of all a very happy thanksgiving to all our visitor, we hope you will have a nice day with your family and friends. Time.com published an article about 10 things they are thankful for this year, and Ryan is one of them and we couldn’t agree more!

Top 10 Things TIME Is Thankful for This Year: Ryan Gosling Is Alive

Hey girl, you’ve had quite the year. Ryan Gosling successfully cast aside The Notebook and his indie-flick past this year and proved himself as a deeply gifted actor and genetically blessed individual. His presence in Crazy, Stupid Love, Drive and Ides of March elevated the otherwise enjoyable films to unexpected levels of cinematic entertainment. For that, we’re thankful that 2011 will go down as the year of Ryan Gosling. Everywhere we looked, Gosling’s soulful, puppy-dog eyes stared back longingly, even from a fake TIME cover. Obvious talent aside, we’re thankful for Gosling’s quirkiness, his heroics, his general awesomeness and the memes he inspired. Heck, we’re even thankful he wasn’t named Sexiest Man Alive so that everyone could be indignant in their love for him and he could become a martyr for sexiness. Thank you, Ryan Gosling. Just, thank you.

2 Comments on “Happy Thanksgiving: We are thankful for Ryan

  1. goge

    great article, they are sooooo right :)

  2. Dani

    This pos is incredible funny and real. I am thankfull for all those things, even the title of Sexy Man Alive. It has made the fans grow closer togeher, lol!

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