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New Layouts + Media Archive Opening

February 12th, 2012

We announced earlier today on twitter we had a nice surprise coming up for you, and we are happy to announce we got 2 brand new layouts. Our main site (designed by Samantha) and photo gallery (designed by Nicole) got a new look because we wanted a new, fresh and light look for the site. We are so happy with both layouts! Let us know in the comments what you think, and if you find any errors.

We are also happy to announce the official opening of our media archive. We were planning on adding more videos before the opening, but my personal life kept me busy so I decided to open it anyway. We don’t have many videos yet, but we are planning on adding lots more in the future. The media archive also has a temporary version at the moment, but that will change soon (hopefully).

Ryan is currently in Bankok (Thailand) filming “Only God Forgives” with director Nicolas Winding Refn. We are so proud of how good 2011 was for Ryan with the success of “Drive“, “The Ides of March” and “Crazy, Stupid, Love” and we hope 2012 will be even better! We will be here, to bring you the latest news, updates and info on Ryan. Don’t forget to ‘Like’ us at facebook and follow us at twitter and tumblr!

9 Comments on “New Layouts + Media Archive Opening

  1. Helena

    STUNNING – been waiting for this *claps*

  2. luc

    Congratulations for your site ! and what a work ! in the form, I prefer dark colors and the pic of ryan with the pyjamas shirt ! But congratulations anyway ! I hope 2012 will be even better than 2011 for ryan. I’ve heard that he’s going to work with Gaspard Noe in the film Golden Suicides about the tragic end of artits Jeremy Blake and Theresa Duncan. At the beginning this project was with James Franco and Angelina Jolie. I hope they won’t choose her, she’s now too much angelina to be someone else. I don’t know if you see what I mean. I’ve heard that ryan would like to work with Kristen Wiig. She would be great for the role of Theresa !! Kristen really looks like Theresa, she was a beautiful women older than Jeremy Blake. If you want to know more about their story you can read the paper about teir death in 2007 in Vanity Fair.

  3. Mimi

    Wow ! Congratulations! I’ve never seen such a better site like this ! Thank you so much for working hard to our favorite actor !
    Excuse my english, but I’m proud to be here with you to share this feeling ! 😉

  4. Tiloa

    Nice color and pictures ^^
    I wondered when the “media” section of the site will be opened and with what content ?

  5. Natalia

    Thanks to all of you for doing this. New looks are nice. Light, bright, transparent – gratifying to the eyes =)

  6. Natalia

    I missed something from the photos – where should I go within galleries to find this exactly photo from the site layout where Ryan wore that light green sweater? (The same pic is on Twitter). Looks great. Thank you in advance for help.

  7. Sophie

    Like every time … VERY GOOD JOB !!!
    Thanks for all this good thinks in giving us Ryan’s every day life …. ! AND don’t forgive your personnals lifes girls, you’re doing a soooooo hard job THANKS THANKS THANKS 😉

  8. Valina

    So cute…there is a new light and it fits perfectly with Ryan’s colours :-)

  9. zoe

    an excellent site for an excellent actor…thank you for all these you offer to us…
    from Greece with love.. xoxo <3

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