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We came across new images of Ryan on set of “Only God Forgives“. We assume they are released for the Cannes market. You can find them in our gallery. You can find a more in depth review of the “Only God Forgives” press screening at Cannes below/inside.

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Possibly the most hotly anticipated footage from a number of critics was the three minutes of exclusive footage from Nicholas Winding Refn’s Drive follow-up, Only God Forgives, and it appeared to go down reasonably well. For me though, the footage was a little disappointing, coming across more like a violent commercial for a high end spirit than an interesting and intriguing scene from a film. Refn’s style is writ large here and whilst this is rather engaging all on its own, as is Gosling’s brooding intensity, there was little of substance in the footage to grasp onto.

Set in some sort of club, the scene features Gosling’s character (Julien), two Thai men and a girl who looks somewhat vacant (much like the women in the dressing room scene in Drive) and as the camera finally settles on the scene Julien suddenly gets up, walks over to the men and smashes one of the men’s glass into their face. A brief fight breaks out, with Julien clearly winning, before Julien then grabs one of the men by his face and then proceeds to drag him out of the building by his upper jaw.

The other man follows behind him and once outside the three continue to fight, or to be more precise, Julien continues to beat them both senseless. At one point he even resorts to pulling off his belt and whipping them with it. All the while swooping music plays on the soundtrack and there are constant cuts to a boxer statue.

Bathed in rich coloured lighting the sequence is, as I suggested above, stylised to the extreme and this is perhaps the only real takeaway from what we saw. The footage shown definitely seems to inhabit the same milieu as Drive and from what we saw it looks as if it will easily be as violent if not more so.

No official release date has been announced yet for Only God Forgives but it is expected late this year or very early in 2013.