“Gangster Squad” Re-Shoots + Movie Update

Jul 23 • by Lindsey • 3 CommentsGallery, The Gangster Squad

Ryan was seen filming re-shoots for “Gangster Squad” this weekend with his co-star Josh Brolin in Los Angeles. Warner Bros decided to remove the new trailer of the movie from theaters and to re-shoots (some) scene(s) in response to the tragic shootings that took place during an Aurora midnight showing of The Dark Knight Rises, Warner Bros.

According to two “knowledgeable” — though publicly unidentified — people, “studio executives are discussing the possibilities of pushing the September 7th release date and recutting the film to minimize the theater shooting scene or remove it altogether.” Currently slotted for a September 7 release, the studio had a Gangster Squad test screening scheduled within the next week or so, though that’s reportedly being tampered with as well.

Thanks to the wonderful Dea for donating the on set pictures to us!

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3 Responses to ““Gangster Squad” Re-Shoots + Movie Update”

  1. Already re-shooting? Are you sure these pictures are not from last year? I read that the screenwriter was still busy writing what to re-shoot.

  2. Hmm Iḿ not sure about that, I think the “Cinema Scene” will not take so long to re-shoot.

    Can’t wait longer anymore:) So I’ll watching the Trailer Day by Day…..

  3. @ Lou – The official description said they were from July 21, 2012. I thought it was really soon as well, but it could be that they already planned these re-shoots?

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