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Ryan was seen filming re-shoots for “Gangster Squad” this weekend with his co-star Josh Brolin in Los Angeles. Warner Bros decided to remove the new trailer of the movie from theaters and to re-shoots (some) scene(s) in response to the tragic shootings that took place during an Aurora midnight showing of The Dark Knight Rises, Warner Bros.

According to two “knowledgeable” — though publicly unidentified — people, “studio executives are discussing the possibilities of pushing the September 7th release date and recutting the film to minimize the theater shooting scene or remove it altogether.” Currently slotted for a September 7 release, the studio had a Gangster Squad test screening scheduled within the next week or so, though that’s reportedly being tampered with as well.

3 Comments on ““Gangster Squad”Movie Update

  1. Lou

    Already re-shooting? Are you sure these pictures are not from last year? I read that the screenwriter was still busy writing what to re-shoot.

  2. Radau

    Hmm Iḿ not sure about that, I think the “Cinema Scene” will not take so long to re-shoot.

    Can’t wait longer anymore:) So I’ll watching the Trailer Day by Day…..

  3. Lindsey

    @ Lou – The official description said they were from July 21, 2012. I thought it was really soon as well, but it could be that they already planned these re-shoots?

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