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New Candid Policy

July 15th, 2012

“I think I was always bound to become two selves, if I wasn’t already. Now there’s this me, this public me, and I know that I have become two people. This is what I told the photographer before he took those photographs. Even my own name sounds like just someone I know.”
-Ryan Gosling, in Equire

I was planning on doing this for months now, but I finally decided to actually go trough with it. I decided to change our candid policy starting today. From now on I will not add the recent candids of Ryan in our gallery, because I don’t feel confortable with posting them anymore. I feel like the paparazzi are turning into stalkerazzi lately and Ryan seems to be really annoyed/angry with them (which I totally understand).

I know a lot of you are disappointed by this decision, because our candid section in our gallery is one of our most populair one but I feel like a fansite should be a site to support the career of someone and not his personal life. I will continue to post work related candids (on set photos and during public events) and I will keep the candids in our gallery we added so far.

I hope you guys understand my decision, and I hope you will keep visiting our site. We will continue giving you the latest news and updates on Ryan’s career. He has some really exciting project coming up! I feel like this is a positie step forward for the site, where we focus on his work and career. I will now focus on expanding our site content with in-depth information and such.

For those who still want to view his latest Candids be sure to bookmark and regularly visit Aurore’s Tumblr FYMcGosling and join Ryan’s FanForum board because they usually post the latest ones.

17 Comments on “New Candid Policy

  1. cia

    soooooo. wer can one go for candids?

  2. Lindsey

    Thank you everyone for your understanding, it means a lot to me and it’s kind of a relief.

    For people who still want to see the canddis, I recommend visiting http://fuckyeahmcgosling.tumblr.com frequently :-)

  3. Karen

    Well done. I fully support your decision, it gives the site so much more integrity.

  4. Barbara

    sono d’accordo con la tua decisione di non invadere così violentemente la privacy di Ryan pubblicando foto relative ad ogni singolo momento della sua vita di uomo e non a quella di attore. Guardando quei pezzi di vita rubata e l’ espressione tirata sul suo viso pensavo proprio che non si sentisse più libero; libero di essere un uomo che si gode una passeggiata nella sua città, che vive la sua storia d’ amore con la sua compagna o semplicemente che si mangia qualche cosa in un locale
    Anche per questo lui è UNICO
    non è schiavo del suo successo ma lo vive come un lavoro, io vado in negozio e lui va su un set
    è un uomo meraviglioso sotto qualsiasi punto di vista lo si osservi

  5. AC

    good for you! i stopped checking out your site because i thought the candids were too intrusive. kudos to you for taking the high road! thank you for your positive contribution to our salacious society…

  6. katie

    I think it should depend on the candids. Some should be posted. If he is clearly being stalked thats different. It will make site views go down.

  7. Isabelle

    I totally understand, but I probably won’t be visiting the site as much. That’s kind of the only reason I come here.

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