No “Drive 2″ – Character may return in another feature!

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Drive” director Nicolas Windig Refn talked about not doing “Drive 2” but he did reveal Ryan’s character might return in another movie. Ryan and Refn already working together again on “Only God Forgives, which is expected to release next year. “Logan’s Run” is currently in pre-production with both Ran and Refn attached to it.

Nicolas Windig Refn’s ‘Drive’ was without one of the movies of last year, with its stylish direction and central performance from Ryan Gosling enthralling audiences and critics alike.

So when we got the chance to speak to Nicholas, at the premiere of the English language remake of his 1996 film ‘Pusher’, we were eager to ask the director and producer if he would return to his previous subject and make a ‘Drive 2′.

When asked whether this would happen the director sounded pretty unequivocal, stating that it was, “never going to happen”.

However the director did hint tantalizingly that the character that Gosling played may return in another project, as yet unknown.

The director is working with Gosling on a new movie, cutting together Thai boxing flick ‘Only God Forgives’, and they’re also set to team up for a major studio project in ‘Logan’s Run’.

Intriguingly though Refn added when asked about future projects with the ‘Gangster Squad’ actor, he said: “Possibly the character of my film and Ryan may appear again, but no ‘Drive 2′.”

The Danish director obviously likes working with Gosling, as when questioned by Total Film last month about their film making relationship, he said: “I said to Ryan, ‘You and I can do our own movies and be the kings of whatever we do. Why don’t we marry Faust and get it over and done with?’”

What will the new project be? Well Refn didn’t state, possibly because with those two movies lined up and Gosling set to make his own directorial debut with new movie ‘How To Catch A Monster’, it could be a while for plans for this possible ‘Drive’ spin-off come to fruition.

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  1. I was at the premiere of ‘pusher’-the remake. refn did actually say that! best news of the year so far…great chemistry between those two lads, loving it!

  2. I wanna ask about premiere of Only God Forgives or about trailer. Refn didn´t mention something about it?

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