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Entertainment Weekly released 10 exclusive new stills of “The Place Beyond the Pines” including 3 new stills with Ryan. They also published some quotes from director Derek Cianfrance along with the photos so be sure to check out the slideshow!

”I’m attracted to making movies about family,” says The Place Beyond the Pines director Derek Cianfrance. ”Those movies have secrets and intimacy. This picture is a family picture of Ryan, Eva, and the baby, played by Anthony ‘Tony’ Pizza Jr. With Ryan and Eva, it was amazing to see their chemistry on set. It was two old friends making the movie. I’ve always thought Eva is great.”

”This scene is no longer in the movie, shot on day one,” says Cianfrance. ”In this, Luke (Gosling) has just decided to stay in Schenectady. He has found out he’s a dad to this baby from a one-night stand. He has to decide whether to stay or go with this traveling circus. He’s counting that he has $106 left. How does he become this father, this object of security in this baby’s life, covered in tattoos, in the worst hotel room you can find, with only $106?”

”Those are all tattoos that Ryan says he wants, but can’t have them as an actor,” says Cianfrance. ”He thought he should have the most tattoos in movie history. He really wanted a face tattoo. I asked, ‘Are you sure?’ He said, ‘Face tattoos are the best.’ He said, ‘It should be a dagger dripping blood. It’s so tough.’ First day we’re shooting, Ryan pulls me over and says, ‘I think we should lose the face tattoo. It’s too much.’ And I said, ‘That’s what happens with a face tattoo. You regret it. Now you’re stuck with it.’ Every choice has a consequence.”

”I thought [Bradley Cooper] was so committed to the performance, like Eva and Ryan. This movie passes the baton between actors, and I needed someone who could take it from Ryan. Bradley more than stepped up to the challenge,” says Cianfrance. ”Bradley did his stunts, and Ryan did a lot of his own stunt scenes too. Blue Valentine was noted for its frank take on sexuality. I wanted to do the same thing with Pines with the stunts, with the crime aspects of the movie. All of the heist-y chases are heist-y chases, without the safety of cuts.”