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Ryan covers GQ Australia

January 23rd, 2013

Ryan is covering the February issue of GQ Australia!

On the interview, he talks about dealing with fame:

“It’s strange. It has a dream-ish quality. Like you’re in a dream where everybody knows you, but you don’t know anymore. I guess the benefit is that it’s kept me off the Internet. At the end of the day I think that’s probably for the best. It’s like a minefield for me.”

He was also surprised when the reporter told him people was all over Twitter and Facebook talking about the ideal man exist, and it’s Ryan Gosling.

“What? People actually got in touch to say that?”

You can check later when, hopefully, we have scans of this issue in our gallery. For now, check the magazine website for more excerpts.

2 Comments on “Ryan covers GQ Australia

  1. Betsy

    Ryan I am a big fan i have some advice for you get Rachel back get married and have a beautiful Baby trust me you two would be the next power couple of Hollywood no one will love you like she does I saw that in her eyes on the Notebook sorry Eva just isn’t a good match for you I have been Married for Forty years we have the same look as you and Rachel still Think about it Good Luck

  2. christina

    Great advice Betsy! Many congrats to you and your hubby. I do still think Ryan and Rachel were a match made in heaven…and who knows for the future? We’ll just have to wait and see – Ryan deserves the best in life anyway. He’s such a wonderful human being!!!

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