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Happy Birthday, Ryan Gosling!

November 12th, 2013

Hey girl! Our favorite boy and king of memes is celebrating his 33rd birthday today, and on behalf of the site and the fans, we would like to wish Ryan a very happy birthday today. We hope he has a fantastic day spent with his loved ones.

Please feel free to post your own birthday wishes in the comments section below, or send him a message to his twitter @RyanGosling.

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4 Comments on “Happy Birthday, Ryan Gosling!

  1. Ale

    Best wishes to my beloved Ryan.

  2. Gulchin Sadigova

    happy birthday my love Ryan Gosling.I wish for you strong health and very big love.I love you very,very much.Everyday i am thinking of you ,only you.You are my heart.I wanna be with you.I never shall love anymore .Because, you are my first and last love.You are like angel .I cant bree without you,I cant live without you,my love Ryan,I never stop dream of you because, I love you.Your lover Gulchin.

  3. Flavia

    Es muy bello Ryan Gosling!!!!idolooo,,bello,dulce,eres todo lo q me gusta de ti


    Here’s my list of Gosling’s Top 10 Roles. Check this out, comments on the blog would be much appreciated! #HappyBelatedBirthdayGosling http://danielpolitton.blogspot.com/2013/11/ryan-gosling-his-10-best-performances.html#more

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