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Extra just posted their interview with Ryan during the “Crazy, Stupid, Love.” New York press junket. It’s definitely worth the watch!

Actor Ryan Gosling sat down with “Extra” to talk about his new comedy, “Crazy, Stupid Love,” but ended up describing how he was pranked by practical jokes master George Clooney on the set of their upcoming drama, “Ides of March.”

Gosling laughed, “He will come up to you and tell you something very serious, and then you walk away and you realize your pants are wet. He’s had like an Evian spray bottle. He’s been spraying your crotch the whole time.”

The handsome actor also joked how his “Crazy, Stupid Love” co-star Steve Carell had to have Gosling naked in every scene they were in together. “Steve insisted on that, which I though was really weird. It’s in his contract. 1. Red jelly beans in his trailer. 2. Ryan has to have his pants off in every scene I’m in. What?”

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We just came across the first official behind the scenes production stills for “Crazy, Stupid, Love.” We added them in our gallery. Be sure to come back later, because the New York premiere for the movie is in a few hours.

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Kevin McCarthy from BDKReviews sat down with Ryan and his “Crazy, Stupid, Love” co-stars to talk about the movie during the recent New York press junket. Check out the interview below.

Kevin McCarthy sat down with the cast of “Crazy Stupid Love” including Steve Carell, Emma Stone, Ryan Gosling and Julianne Moore. Carell slaps me (jokingly) in the face, Ryan Gosling makes fun of me for crying in “The Notebook,” Emma Stone talks about the game guys play and Julianne Moore talks Twilight!

Ryan and his “Crazy, Stupid, Love.” co-star Emma Stone are appearing on the Today Show according to TV Guide this Wednesday (July 20). They will promote their movie. The Today Show starts at 7:00 AM at NBC, so set your DVR’s/Tivo’s. We will try to get the coverage of their appearance as soon as possible.

Ryan will also be appearing on the “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” on June 20th. Ryan has some busy days a head! All the key dates are listed in our sidebar.

Entertainment Tonight just released their interview with the “Crazy, Stupid, Love.” cast during the New York press Junket last Saturday. We earlier reported the interview of Jake The Movie Guy during that same day.

You can watch the interview by clicking on the preview below.

ET sits down with Steve Carell to discuss his role as actor/producer on the new comedy “Crazy, Stupid, Love.” The star also opens up about his tongue-revealing make-out scene with co-star Marisa Tomei and explains why he didn’t feel awkward during a nude scene involving Ryan Gosling.

Steve reveals that not everything about his kissing scene with Marisa was scripted. “Well, obviously a lot of it was improvised and every time we did it would be a little bit different. So the trick was to be able to edit it all together and have it make sense.”

Ryan has a pivotal nude scene and Steve said he would have gladly shed his clothes too if producers had let him. “I tried to do most of the nude stuff myself, but the studio thought it would be a better idea if Ryan did most of the nude stuff. Was it awkward? No, actually I kind of enjoyed it. He’s a very handsome guy, you know, there’s no disputing that. And I am not ashamed to say that I find him very attractive.”

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Warner Bros released a brand new teaser Trailer for “Crazy, Stupid, Love” with some new footage of Ryan as Jacob. Be sure to watch it below.

NBC posted a new article of an interview with Emma Stone and Ryan promoting “Crazy, Stupid, Love.” In the end Emma comes to the conclusion Ryan should host “SNL”, and we agree with her! Read the article below/inside.

“Crazy Stupid Love” stars Ryan Gosling as a stone-cold Lothario named Jacob who offers to help a newly single middle-aged man, Cal, played by Steve Carell, reclaim his manhood. But just as his star pupil is beginning to enjoy success with the ladies, Jacob falls for a sexy redhead, Hannah, played by Emma Stone. We recently met with first Gosling and the Stone to talk about their new film, with each good-naturedly mocking the other for their deep-seated fears.

There’s a scene in “Crazy Stupid Love” that calls for Gosling to catch Stone in the same fashion that Patrick Swayze caught Jennifer Grey in “Dirty Dancing.” Despite the newly buff physique Gosling was sporting for the role, Stone refused.

“I tried to do it on Emma Stone, but she wouldn’t let me, she was too scared. She thought I was gonna drop her,” Gosling explained.

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The first interview from the New York press junket was released by Jake The Movie Guy. Ryan’s interview is after Steve Carell’s interview. You can watch the interview below, Emma Stone’s interview is definitely worth watching as well! Ryan was seen heading to the junket with his dog George.

Tomorrow (July 19) is the New York premiere for “Crazy, Stupid, Love“, stay tuned for the full coverage. Ryan will be appearing on “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” the day after (July 20) and he will be heading to San Diego for Comic-Con to promote “Drive” July 21st.

Emmy nominated Jake Hamilton sits down to talk with the stars of CRAZY STUPID LOVE — Steve Carell, Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone and Julianne Moore — only on JAKE’S TAKES!

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