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Lost River” premiered at the 67th Annual Cannes Film Festival earlier today and the first reviews are coming in. The movie is getting mixed reviews so far and sadly some of them are pretty negative yet most of them note that they do see potential in Ryan as a director. A selection of reviews can be found below, and we will edit this post when more reviews are released.

4/5 stars
“The last actor of the stature of Gosling to have his own film debut at Cannes was Johnny Depp. That film disappeared after the premiere, a fate unlikely to befall Gosling’s debut, which although occasionally baffling in a narrative sense, is sufficiently dazzling. As with Winding Refn’s Only God Forgives, this film will be either loved or hated. It was booed at the end of the screening at Cannes. Those not enthused by Gosling’s abstract look at the death of America will no doubt levy accusations of pretentiousness. For my money, there is enough substance and intellectual awareness here that the star’s fans will still be delighted.”
Kaleem Aftab, Independent

“All in all, Lost River feels like a student film with an A-List cast. Its homages are worn so prominently on its sleeve, it’s difficult to really tap into the creative identity beneath, but it’s an intriguing – if not entirely successful – debut. As a learning curve, it’ll likely be a steep one, and while this is definitely not one for the mainstream, film fans are guaranteed to find a whole hell of a lot to talk about.”
Matt Risley, Total Film

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The first “The Place Beyond the Pines” reviews are coming in, we will round them up in this update. So keep checking back. The first reviews sound promising!

“That the film is strongly acted across the board, the final pieces in helping Cianfrance deliver his first grand opus, is almost an afterthought. Gosling, Cooper, Mendes and Mendelsohn all do terrific work (the latter continuing to astonish at how easily he can shapeshift into roles).”

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After giving you an overview of the reviews for “Drive” and today we give you the first reviews of “The Ides of March“. It currently has a 81% rating as Rotten Tomatoes. We recently added more production stills of the movie as well in our gallery.

Still, despite Clooney’s multi-tasking presence, Gosling takes the on-screen honours. There is a stillness and certainty about his acting, a commanding ability to convey complex emotions in the flicker of an eye. No surprise, then, that he is currently Hollywood’s most sought after young lead. Grade: 4/5 » Full review

Gallery Links:
2012 – The Ides of March > Behind the scenes > Production Stills

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“Drive” Reviews

September 18th, 2011

We made a little overview of reviews of “Drive” in this post. It’s well received; it currently has a 93% rating at Rotten Tomatoes.

Ryan Gosling is a charismatic actor, as Steve McQueen was. He embodies presence and sincerity. Ever since his chilling young Jewish neo-Nazi in “The Believer” (2001), he has shown a gift for finding arresting, powerful characters. An actor who can fall in love with a love doll and make us believe it, as he did in “Lars and the Real Girl” (2007), can achieve just about anything. “Drive” looks like one kind of movie in the ads, and it is that kind of movie. It is also a rebuke to most of the movies it looks like. Grade: 3,5/ » Full review

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DMBs Review

July 1st, 2010

This is a review (with photos) from last weekends show.  The photos are brilliant, check them out. 

Good news! It turns out that I don’t hate the Eagle Rock Center for the Arts. After a recently witnessing a complete failure of a show at the out-of-the-way venue, I was worried that the venue only occasionally offered relevant shows for a reason. But Dead Man’s Bones, the musical project of Ryan Gosling and Zach Shields, is not something that comes around every day. In fact, the group (which also includes the Silver Lake Children’s Conservatory Choir) played one of the best shows I have ever been to during their last stop in town, which was on Halloween appropriately enough. But a little research into this two-night event made it clear that I was not getting the same show I had previously enjoyed. In fact, I was not going to see a show like anything I had previously seen. It is amazing what looking at a flyer or website or literally any advanced media before going to a show can do for your expectations (this goes out to the angry and confused Notebook fans who apparently didn’t bother to read anything about this ahead of time).

Read more & see photos : here

Short of a Review

November 20th, 2009

I find this short of a review of Dead Man’s Bones:

“Based on the mysteriously intriguing cover, the complete lack of credits and the bizarre and murky sounds within, it is nearly impossible to discern that Dead Man’s Bones is the work of Oscar-nominated actor Ryan Gosling — but it is. The cover photo depicts a group shot of the Silverlake Conservatory of Music Childrens’ Choir in Halloween costumes, with Gosling and his best friend Zach Shields obscurely placed on either side.

The self-titled release is a loose concept album and theatre project based on supernatural themes. With the lo-fi production, the eerie childrens’ choir and song titles like “Werewolf Heart” and “Flowers Grow Out of My Grave,” Dead Man’s Bones manages to consistently bind the entire strange project together. Gosling and Shield’s muddled voices maintain a spooky atmosphere in the many slower numbers. However, brilliant upbeat flashes like “My Body’s A Zombie For You” come out of nowhere and feature the childrens’ choir sounding like the Arcade Fire singing doo-wop on Halloween night. The spotlight tends to focus on the aforementioned choir, with Gosling and Shields sitting back and directing the whole project. It shouldn’t work — but it does and is executed wonderfully.

This album should be sought out and heard simply because there is nothing out there today that sounds remotely like it.”

Source: Richard Lam for The Gaulet

The official tracklist is out for Ryan’s upcoming debut album “Dead Man’s Bones”. His album will be released October 6th. Check out the tracklist bellow:

1. Intro
2. Dead Hearts
3. Name in Stone
4. Buried in Water
5. My Bodies a Zombie for You
6. Pa Pa Power
7. In the Room Where You Sleep
8. Young and Tragic
9. Paper Ships
10. Lose Your Soul
11. Werewolf Heart
12. Dead Man’s Bones
13. Flowers Grow Out of My Grave

The first review of “Dead Man’s Bones” is out and it’s good! “One might expect an actor’s foray into music to be littered with mistakes and miscues, but Gosling is able to craft a masterful album with the great help of [Zach] Shields and the Silverlake Conservatory Children’s Choir. The unique album will find company in similar side-projects like She & Him rather than The Bacon Brothers.” You can read the full review here.