“Place Beyond the Pines” Derek Cianfrance Interview

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I came across the official press kit for “The Place Beyond the Pines” and it features an in depth interview with director Derek Cianfrance. It’s definitely worth the read, but it could contain some spoilers about the plot of the movie so be aware of that before you start reading it.

Tell me in your words what The Place Beyond the Pines is all about.
It’s about legacy— what we’re born with and what we pass on. It’s about the choices we make and how those choices echo throughout generations. It is a classic tale of the sins of the father visiting the son.

I am drawn to stories about families. My first film, BROTHER TIED is about brothers. BLUE VALENTINE is about husbands and wives. And PINES is about fathers and sons. I feel that the cinema is a place where secrets are told. It’s a place where we can travel to intimate places, to homes and bedrooms, and witness private moments that reflect our own lives.

Whereas BLUE VALENTINE looked at this intimacy, this single relationship, under a microscope I wanted a larger palette and larger scope with THE PLACE BEYOND THE PINES.

THE PLACE BEYOND THE PINES tells three linear stories – about a motorcycle stunt rider who turns to a life of crime to support his newborn son, an ambitious rookie cop who takes on a corrupt police department rather than confront his own demons, and two troubled teenage boys who confront the mysteries of their past by battling each other. And each of these stories builds towards one conclusion.
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Ryan covers GQ Australia

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Ryan is covering the February issue of GQ Australia!

On the interview, he talks about dealing with fame:

“It’s strange. It has a dream-ish quality. Like you’re in a dream where everybody knows you, but you don’t know anymore. I guess the benefit is that it’s kept me off the Internet. At the end of the day I think that’s probably for the best. It’s like a minefield for me.”

He was also surprised when the reporter told him people was all over Twitter and Facebook talking about the ideal man exist, and it’s Ryan Gosling.

“What? People actually got in touch to say that?”

You can check later when, hopefully, we have scans of this issue in our gallery. For now, check the magazine website for more excerpts.

EW’s Entertainers of the Year

Dec 11 • by Lindsey • 1 Comment »Gallery, Press

Ryan is named by Entertainment Weekly as one of the Entertainers of the Year voted by their readers. He is named Favorite Movie Actor of 2011 by getting 35.4% of the votes and Sexiest Male with 29.0%.

We added the scan of the magazine in our gallery, thanks to Kelly from Josh Browman Fan for donating it.

Gallery Links:
Magazines Scans > 2011 > Entertainment Weekly – December

GQ: The 25 Greatest Ryan Gosling Moments of 2011

Dec 6 • by Lindsey • No CommentsNews & Rumours, Press

GQ Magazine published a fun article with the title “Gos-tronomy: The 25 Greatest Ryan Gosling Moments of 2011” which is a lit of the top 25 moments of Ryan in 2011. Be sure to check out the article at GQ!

Everywhere we looked, Ryan Gosling was there. On-screen, stealing hearts and smashing skulls. On the red carpet, embarrassing the rest of young Hollywood. And even in the streets, breaking up quarrels with style and grace. Gosling owned 2011. Let us count the ways
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Happy Thanksgiving: We are thankful for Ryan

Nov 24 • by Lindsey • 2 CommentsPress, Website

First of all a very happy thanksgiving to all our visitor, we hope you will have a nice day with your family and friends. Time.com published an article about 10 things they are thankful for this year, and Ryan is one of them and we couldn’t agree more!

Top 10 Things TIME Is Thankful for This Year: Ryan Gosling Is Alive

Hey girl, you’ve had quite the year. Ryan Gosling successfully cast aside The Notebook and his indie-flick past this year and proved himself as a deeply gifted actor and genetically blessed individual. His presence in Crazy, Stupid Love, Drive and Ides of March elevated the otherwise enjoyable films to unexpected levels of cinematic entertainment. For that, we’re thankful that 2011 will go down as the year of Ryan Gosling. Everywhere we looked, Gosling’s soulful, puppy-dog eyes stared back longingly, even from a fake TIME cover. Obvious talent aside, we’re thankful for Gosling’s quirkiness, his heroics, his general awesomeness and the memes he inspired. Heck, we’re even thankful he wasn’t named Sexiest Man Alive so that everyone could be indignant in their love for him and he could become a martyr for sexiness. Thank you, Ryan Gosling. Just, thank you.

MSNBC Article: Ryan Gosling’s a rising movie star

Oct 19 • by Lindsey • 2 CommentsNews & Rumours, Press, Website

MSNBC recently wrote an article about Ryan and his career and we participated in the interview because we answered some question and we got some quotes in the article. Be sure to read it below/inside:

He’s had plenty of roles, but Ryan Gosling hasn’t made the same movie twice.

Recently, he starred in the dark indie “Blue Valentine,” the zippy romantic comedy “Crazy, Stupid Love,” and the action thriller “Drive.” On Oct. 7, he’ll headline “The Ides of March,” a drama about a staffer for a presidential candidate (George Clooney) who gets plunged into dirty politics. His resume also includes quirky comedies (“Lars and the Real Girl”), thrillers (“Murder By Numbers”), and one of the most beloved romances of the last twenty years (“The Notebook.”)

His fans have noticed the diversity. “What I find appealing about Ryan is the wide range of roles and movies he does,” says Leslie Henstock, a movie buff in Manhattan.

“I think the variety of choices in his films is what makes him stand out in his age group.” said, Lindsey, who asked that her last name not be used, but is the owner of the website GoslingFan.com. “He doesn’t repeat himself. He is brave, and he doesn’t stick to what he knows because he challenges himself.”
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