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EW’s Entertainers of the Year

December 11th, 2011

Ryan is named by Entertainment Weekly as one of the Entertainers of the Year voted by their readers. He is named Favorite Movie Actor of 2011 by getting 35.4% of the votes and Sexiest Male with 29.0%.

We added the scan of the magazine in our gallery, thanks to Kelly from Josh Browman Fan for donating it.

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Ryan is featured in the current issue of New York Times Magazine which features 13 of this year’s great performers trying on the black hat and impersonating specific icons and Ryan is one of them. Be sure to watch his video and performance over here and all the other performances can be found here. Thanks to Meghan N. from the New York Times for sending us this article.

Ryan Gosling as the Invisible Man
On invisibility: ‘‘I don’t really know if the Invisible Man is a villain or not, but I just don’t trust the guy. He says he’s going to be somewhere, but never shows up. Even when he does show up, he’s only ever kind of there. Yeah, that’s right, Invisible Man, I’m looking at you. In your face! That is your face, right?’’

According to the behind the scenes story Ryan even bought the painting that was featured in the video.

For our video of Ryan Gosling as the Invisible Man, the director’s sister, Vanessa Prager, created a painting of the actor. Gosling liked it so much, he bought it.

We also added the screen captures of Ryan’s video in our gallery.

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Ryan was seen filming a scene for his upcoming movie “Gangster Squad” with his co-stars Josh Brolin and Michael Peña in Los Angeles a few days ago (December 8).

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Ryan was seen filming with his co-star Josh Brolin yesterday (December 7). We added the first photos in our gallery.

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GQ Magazine published a fun article with the title “Gos-tronomy: The 25 Greatest Ryan Gosling Moments of 2011” which is a lit of the top 25 moments of Ryan in 2011. Be sure to check out the article at GQ!

Everywhere we looked, Ryan Gosling was there. On-screen, stealing hearts and smashing skulls. On the red carpet, embarrassing the rest of young Hollywood. And even in the streets, breaking up quarrels with style and grace. Gosling owned 2011. Let us count the ways
Go the the list

Ryan was seen on set of “Gangster Squad” with his co-star Josh Brolin. Their co-star Nick Nolte was seen filming near by. We added the first released photos in our gallery.

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Ryan’s “The Place beyond the Pines” co-star Bradley Cooper talked a little bit about Ryan during his “The Graham Norton Show” interview. Bradley was named the “Sexiest Man Alive” by people magazine but people even protested because they thought Ryan should have won.

You can watch the interview with Bradley below.

Around the 4:11 mark

He tells U.K. talk show host Graham Norton, “It’s so awful that I’m admitting this but the hell with it – there was such a backlash to when they announced it. Ryan Gosling, who I love and I just did a movie with him, he’s the greatest, but we were both in Paris this last week and a friend of mine showed me photographs (of us) from the paparazzi. When I say friend I mean me alone in my room looking at the computer!

“There’s him walking around and he literally looks like he’s in a photoshoot, like he just came off the runway. And there’s ones of me and I literally look like the neighbour who never really comes out of his house. And when he does you’re like, ‘Maybe he should just stay in! We don’t know what he does in there!’ So it’s been interesting.”

Ryan was seen on set of “Gangster Squad” on November 30th after a night shoot the day before. We recently added the photos in our gallery, check them out if you haven’t:

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