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01.2012 Hollywood Reporter » Ryan Gosling Responds to Oscar Snub; Reveals Details of Project Filming in Bangkok


05.2011 Salon » Ryan Gosling on the violence of femininity
05.2011 Flicks and bits » Ryan Gosling Interview For Nicolas Winding Refn‘s ‘Drive’
07.2011 LA Times » Feeling the love
07.2011 Slate » Questions for Ryan Gosling
07.2011 Collider » Ryan Gosling Interview CRAZY, STUPID, LOVE.
07.2011 AP » Ryan Gosling’s First Crush
08.2011 Esquire » Esquire


05.2010 Vulture » Ryan Gosling, at Cannes With Blue Valentine, Tells Which Children’s Classic Is ‘the Worst’
10.2010 W Magazine » Heart to Heart
11.2010 Interview Magazine » Ryan Gosling
12.2010 LA Times » Ryan Gosling again takes the plunge in ‘Blue Valentine’
12.2010 NY Mag » Not an Action Figure


??.2004 About.com » Ryan Gosling Takes a Turn at Playing the Romantic Lead in “The Notebook”